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I initially got a phone call from someone that was very rude. Apparently there was a mistake on my payroll when I left the company. Without notification the company demanded me to pay $300. They told me they don't send out letters first. What company does that?? Add comment

I received a phone call from a restricted number. The guys name was Chris C. He told me I owed a debt from 2007 for a company I wasn't affiliated with at the time. It was a 5 years prior to 2007 I had anything to do with the company. 8 years for them to start collection on a $100.00 debt from a bogus date ...whatever! He wanted me to pay over the phone and I told him no way. That I was going to call the "supposed" company to see why they are... Read more

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They harassed me ALL the time for a debt my grown son owes of several hundred dollars from several years ago. They say I was listed as a contact on a payday loan. My son is schizophrenic and on disability now. This is from a period when he was not diagnosed yet and homeless. I explained all of this to them (not to mention I didn't even take out the loan!!!!). They don't care...they say they will remove me from the call list and never do. I... Read more

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A manager by the name of Ryan Nestrick came on right away and began to "scold" and "over talk" me, no doubt in hopes to get me so riled up as to hang up on him and make his day easier. I am sure then all the reports of "failure to pay" will bring him and others more monies in the court of law, but he just kept on like an outright ***, yes that is when I came unglued and put his attitude where it belonged. and I did not hang up. They have no... Read more

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They *** stole $7000 from me in a false settlement which I just finished paying in monthly increments. I cannot believe this is happening to me. Navient confirmed they were the collectors. Add comment

I called this agency to inquire about doing business with them after being on and off hold for 8 minutes I got a NOT gentlemen on the phone whom I told I was a little upset having called long distance and being on hold for 8 minutes _ and before I could explain what I was calling about he stated well this was his cell phone and he is in Texas asked if he was associated with National Enterprise Systems because they forwarded my call to him he... Read more

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I received numerous and persistent automated calls regarding a debt of an out of state relative who has never lived in my home. As directed I pressed the number to indicate that person did not live here. Finally a real person called. Clearly was not following Fair debt collection practices rules. I was a collection manager for ten years. I told them that person did not live with me, has never lived with me and lives in another State on the... Read more

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I answered the phone at work and said my first name Lynn, the woman said is this Barbara S****, i said no, she said, can i speak to Barbara S****?. I said there is no one here by that name. She said, are you the Barbara S**** that sometimes goes by Lynn? I said NO! Ibasked who she was with again and she said National Enterprise Systems. Then she asked if i was the Barbara that spoke with them, i said i am not Barbara. She asked for a James... Read more

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I am attempting to file a dispute with them and called the 800-973-0600 number. The person who answered, when asked for the fax number said that she didn't have access to it. THEN the 2nd person I got transferred to wouldn't give me the fax number unless I gave my name. When I refused, he transferred me yet again to the "compliance" department. She gave me a fax number that was disconnected. 440-542-1377, another fax 440-542-1380 is also... Read more

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They are very hesitant to disclose who they are. Last caller who called me wouldn't say who they were at all yet expected me to disclose all of my personal information. Clearly a scam. They now claim I owe money to Sallie Mae although I have ZERO debt and an amazing credit score. I have since contacted Sallie Mae directly and they do not have any accounts with my information. Conveniently when I called back through the number on their website... Read more

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