This company calls our place of business several times daily regarding a debt that was charged off by B of A 2 years ago. The account is my mother-laws-account.

B of A was given a letter instructing them that since the account was charged off they need to cease and desist any further contact with her. Well B o A must not have told the collection agency because the calls keep coming. Since I answer the business phone I just tell them she is not here. I am waiting for one of them to speak with me so I can nail them for third party conversation.

I do not think they can legally collect anything since the account was charged off and they would have to proog validity if we were to send a valifation letter. So any of you in a position getting harassing calls simply go on line and get a sample of a debt validation letter. They must proof debt to them in order to successfully collect. However, you must not have had any commitments of money to them as that would give them proof of your acknowleging the debt with the.

So offer no info do not respond just listen and if they ask your intentions answer "I must verify this before having any further conversation, Goodbye" HANG-UP IMMEDIATELY! Good luck

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