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I been getting phone calls from This National Enterprises company staying that they were sent my Sallie Mae account after it defaulted. My loan was 11,000 dollars they were asking me for 8,000.

They also tried to get me to say my social or my date of birth. I have never hard if this company and have not gotten anything in the mail from them. My loan also went to a different company that I am in contestant with. They were very rude and they threatened me if I didn't give them the fill amount.

And when that didn't work they did they could work out a payment plan but they had to have a $1,000 down payment that minute then changed it to by the end of the month. Then changed again song they could take the thousand in two installments. On top odd them telling me to borrow it the tried to get me to tell them about my 401k. I called my mom and she did research on the company and found a hundreds of things from the attorney general and better business bureau about them bring sued for fraud and harassment and their main games is using sallie mae loans.

I have called sallie mae and they told me my loan was still with the other company. Some one needs to shut this business down.

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Was this other company Navient? When a Sallie Mae loan that my mom cosigned went into default Sallie Mae kept sending mom statements and phone calls were made.

This went on for YEARS in the hopes that granddaughter, the recipient of said loan, would work this out,but it hasn't happened yet. Eventually Sallie Mae turned the loan over to Navient and for another 2 years the calls and mailings kept coming, some calls being very rude and pressing mom for credit card numbers. Thank

God she never did that. Anyway, she has gotten a letter from NES and I got in touch with a lawyer.

Come to find out that granddaughter has a lawyer and she claims that Sallie Mae is saying that this loan is NOT in collections so I don't know what the *** to think. NES was very eager to settle with mom and thank god we didn't send them any money.

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