I received this a call from thi company and a woman by the name of Ms. Williams is telling me that she is calling me on behalf of my student loan with Sallie Mae.

I googled her phone number and a lot of reviews said the same thing. I told her that I would call Sallie Mae directly since I felt more comfortable talking to them instead of some company I have never heard of. I called Sallie Mae and settled everything up with them and they said my account has never been sent off to anyone. I called National Enterprise to have them remove my info and I talked to 3 different people with the worst attitude.

They kept threatening me that they would garnish my wages even after I told them I just spoke to Salie Mae.

They still wanted me to pay them, so that I would be paying twice on the same student loan. They were very rude and I would not do business with them.

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I am not sure who collected but NEC claims the collected money was transferred to my Sallie Mae account ... I'm going to start the process to seek attorney consult and get my money back...

Wish me luck .. Little guy Vs Big Corp ..

lets see the so called paper work NEC claims to have and is required to provide to IRS.

to Anonymous #1058949

Well it's been 2 years and I'm wondering if you did get the paperwork you wanted.

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